Bright Day Prototypes is one of the winners of Swedbank Rivstart 2019

We had a fabulous day yesterday at the final of Swedbank Rivstart. We were awarded a price of 200.000 SEK. Thank you Swedbank Rivstart!


Bright Day Prototypes is in the final of start-up contest Swedbank Rivstart

Rivstart 2018

As one of ten companies Bright Day Prototypes is a finalist in the Swebank Rivstart contest. The final will take place on Thursday the 7th of February and you can follow it live from 16.00 CET at the Swedbank Sweden homepage or Facebook page. 

We are very happy for being in the finals and look forward to Thursday!


Bright Day Prototyes receives financing from Vinnova

Bright Day Prototypes has received a grant from Vinnova for their project "Ground breaking production of Graphene" The aim of the project is to provide a basis for future production of a new ground-breaking material; a graphene composite made from biomass. This material is suitable especially in electrical applications. Today, the material is produced in very small quantities in lab environment, which is both time consuming and expensive. The project will the possibility of scaling up into a process-based pilot production in a new facility.

The project starts end of November 2018 and lasts until May 2019. Vinnova has granted the project 500 000 SEK.


We are proud to be one of the awarded companies in Business Challenge 2018!

Yesterday, Bright Day Prototypes took part in the final of Business Challenge Award at Grand Hotel, Stockholm. Business Challenge is a nationwide competition for potential growth start-up companies. The jury consisted of 70 of the top business leaders in Sweden. We are so happy to announce that Bright Day Prototypes is one of the lucky winners of a tailored business development program.


Bright Day Prototypes at Graphene Week 2018

This week we are in San Sebastian, Spain, at Graphene Week 2018 - the Graphene Flagship international conference. We listen to experts talk and receive a lot of inspiration as well as learning more about this amazing material. We also get a chance to present our own material to the market. Tomorrow we will be part of the poster exhibition and are excited to meet potential customers and partners. Please stop by us if you have the chance.


Bright Day Prototypes has been selected as one of the finalists in Business Challenge 2018

Bright Day Prototypes is one of fifteen finalists in the start-up event Business Challenge 2018. The final will be at Grand Hotel in Stockholm on the 16:th of October. The finalists will pitch their companies to a big jury of top entrepreneurs, experts and leaders from the Swedish business world.

“We are very happy and excited to be selected as a finalist in Business Challenge 2018. It is a great honour and a big opportunity for us. We look forward to the final in October”, says Malin Alpsten, CEO at Bright Day Prototypes.


5 questions to Anna


Who are you?

I am Anna. I am a chemist, I have a MSc in chemical engineering and a PhD in chemistry. I started working in this field because I had a passion for fuel cells and the vision of a hydrogen economy. I am the founder, the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) but most of all the inventor of Bright Day Inventions AB and Bright Day Prototypes AB.

What do you do?

I invent new materials to be used for energy storage in electrochemical devices. I invent new technologies for that too. I focus on materials that have the potential to replace rare earth metals and that can be made from biomass. I hope that this in some way will contribute to and enable humankind to live prosperously, on the renewable resources provided by nature, without harvesting and wasting those that are non-renewable.

Why is that important?

I believe that it is paramount to start to look at what is required if our society is going to continue to develop on this planet. We really need to find new ways of using energy, foods and materials to stop poisoning ourselves and our planet.

What is your view of the future?

The future will be the result of the choices we make today, but also the result of the choices we refuse to make. I believe that dystopias are a consequence of putting your head in the sand and continue to do things the way you have always done. If I were to choose, I would like mankind to look up and be inspired by the enormous wealth that is all around us on our planet. I would like us to appreciate it and not take it for granted. Instead of just eroding nature, I would like us to co-create with it.

How did you know that you wanted to become an inventor?

It all started with me being attracted to science. I liked the idea of contributing to humanity’s pool of knowledge. I felt that there where missing pieces; knowledge on its own does not necessarily lead to action and change. A lot of findings ends up being buried because it doesn’t fit the current agenda. I also wanted to add creativity and creation to the mix because that is what makes it fun and exciting to me. For me it is about a shift in how I see things. Instead of looking at what is, as an inventor I get to look at the realizable possibilities that are available. For the same effort you get more movement and more change. As an inventor I feel less constricted by the dreaded chains of linearity.